About Us

From our founding in 1988 as a small shop with 2 forging machines, 1 furnace and a workforce of 23, Ohio Star Forge has grown to be an industry leader with 5 forging machines, 10 CNC machines, 2 furnaces and over 100 employees.  And as our size has increased, so has our market share, industry diversity, product capability and engineering expertise.

In our early years, Ohio Star Forge was almost solely focused on the bearing industry.  Over the years we have grown to become a world class supplier to many markets, including automotive, energy, industrial, infrastructure, heavy truck, and off-highway. 

History infographic for Ohio Star Forge

Daido Steel

Since its establishment in 1916, the Daido Steel Group has contributed to society through manufacturing by developing high value-added products and innovations to existing products, which have been supported by advanced technologies based on specialty steel products. Beginning with the automotive industry, the possibilities inherent in specialty steel materials have supported the development of many industrial sectors, including fields such as aircraft, ships and IT equipment. At the Daido Steel Group, we have met society's needs and expectations by continually pursuing these possibilities as the leading company in specialty steel products.